6 Things to Help You Quickly Recover from an IT Disaster

Join us for a Lunch & Learn event, "6 Things to Help You Quickly Recover from and IT Disaster" presented by Total Computer Solutions.

If you’ve ever had an experience with data loss, you probably still recall with remarkable clarity the grim realization that things are not as they should be. When you left the office the day before the systems were behaving admirably- the data was accessible and available. But somehow, the data disappeared overnight, never to be heard from again. Maybe it was a failed hard drive, or an accidental overwrite.

In that moment you think of your backup data plan, Or lack thereof. If you have something in place, you hope it is recent. And you hope it works. If there is no backup or failover in place, you simply stare at the screen in disbelief. All that work. All that data. Gone.

Key Topics for Discussion:

  • Disaster that can interrupt your business operations
  • Consequences from lack of access to data
  • Potential solutions for small or medium size businesses
  • How to develop a well designed backup strategy 

While lunch is served, we will present valuable information on what industry leaders are doing to create a disaster recovery strategy.


Title: 6 Things to Help You Quickly Recover from an IT Disaster 

Date: Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Time: 11:45 a.m.- 1:00 p.m.

Location: Guilford Merchants Association, Greensboro, NC

Cost: FREE

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Al Murray

Al has over 18 years of experience in Information Technology navigating small to medium size business with their technology needs. He separates his IT career into two distinct timelines which are identifiable by one invention, the iPhone. This single invention changed how we work, where we work, and how often we work.