Creating a Culture of Security

If you think your small business will not be the target of a cyber attack, think agian. No business is iummune from hackers, many of whom launch automated attacks that do not distinguish between big businesses and small businesses- they are just looking for any buisness which is vulnerable. 

43% of cyberattacks target small businesses, and about 60 % of those companies are out of business within 6 months of the attack. For small businesses, the cost of a cyberattack is unsustainable, almost $900,000 on average (Small Business Trends).

The causes of these attacks are serveral, from third-party mistakes to operating system errors to malicious insiders. The number one cause of small business cyberttacks, however, is negligent employees, account for almost 50% of the total.

The most effective security training programs go beyond making employees aware of external threats- they also seek to transform organizational culture, to helping workers understand why security is imporant, and that a successful cyberattack could shutdown your business. You can effect that transformation by following the six steps below:

6 Steps to Securing Your Network

  1. User Training
  2. Patching
  3. Firewall Appliance
  4. Malware Software
  5. Passwords
  6. Content Filtering

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